Trunk Show

Do you want to host a trunk show?

Hostess Provides:

  • Confirmed RSVP's of approximately 15 to 20 women (min. 10)
  • A comfortable venue and relaxing atmosphere for women to shop
  • A private space to use as a change room
  • Wine, cheese and other apps for snack table (Studio d covers up to $50.00) 
  • A small desk and chair to use for writing orders
  • A full-length mirror...2 are even better!
  • Wifi (Username and Password ready)


Studio d provides:

  • A new outfit for the hostess to wear during the show!!! A week before the show, the hostess comes to Studio d showroom for a private shopping experience!
    Hostess will view the collection and choose her outfit ($200.00 Retail Value) made just for her to wear during the Trunk show, all compliments of Studio d!
  • Entire collection
  • Device to accept VISA and MASTERCARD
  • All current fabric swatches, business cards, etc...


*All orders will be completed in approx. 2 weeks time. Studio d will contact all customers (via email) when their orders are complete and arrange for a pick up time.
*Studio d can offer to customize the fit of any garment at a charge of $10 per change

*All customized/altered garments are final sale.


To book your next Studio d trunk show, contact us at